Madurai is the most photogenic place in India.  Beautiful locals with soulful smiles, incredible wrought iron, modernist pastel buildings and outlandish graphic art.

Our window looks out onto the Meenakshi temple so at around 5 in the morning there is the Quasimodo effect – bells that seem to ring sonorously but interminably. There is also the fiendish flute seller (I think we’ve already mentioned that Shiva was a great one for playing the flute) who insists on playing (rather than plying) his wares well after bedtime.

Bros with fros !  Why ?  Who knows ?

Hunky Chunky Guys, plenty to love.

quiet dignity


easy smiles



business and pleasure

These guys below (the banana sellers) gave us a banana each to welcome us to Madurai and beflowered Kristen’s hair.F57EDB7C-E4A9-4299-88C2-99DE7C09E557


Deep thought


And prayer, mandalas, smiling girls and fellas.



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