The Green Palace of Mysore

When in Mysore we stay at the Green Palace Hotel. The GP is a stately pile, evidently built by the Maharaja for one of his sisters.  We think it may have been a less-favoured sister as the place, glorious though it is, is, (in Mysore Maharaja terms) more of a hunting lodge, albeit a grand hunting lodge.

The place was eventually sold by the sister and became the HQ of Premier Studios, a major film making company.  Enormous sound stages were built on the adjacent acreage and the stars and crew would stay in the GP.  Our suite actually had a bath !  We assume that various stars and starlets would have frolicked therein, we certainly did.  The sound stages, alas, burnt down some decades ago and the GP went into decline until it was rescued, renovated and set up to provide employment for local tribal people.

They have the best coffee and cakes in India& and also an extraordinary tapestry depicting, believe it or not, the wreck of The Titanic.



2 thoughts on “The Green Palace of Mysore

  1. It IS all more than a bit gobsmacking. We’ve just arrived in Madurai which is even more incredible than everywhere else, unbelievably photogenic, and we’ve only been in the back streets and are yet to enter the legendary temple. Love and kisses to you Eleanor and a wonderful and magical 2019. k&b xxxxx


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