Udupi Idyll: Let’s Dance !

Udupi, Karnataka is a temple town, a place of pilgrimage and prayer, with rather amazing temple chariots.  Rooly trooly chariots of the Gods.



It is a charming place but we have a terrible, terrible confession to make.  We know that in your eyes we are like a cross between Scott of the Antarctic, Edmund Hillary, the Wandering Jew, the Flying Dutchman, Kane from Kung-Fu and Lao Tzu, endlessly wandering the earth, poking our noses in and going places just because they’re there.

But here in Udupi we discovered we were a little shin sore, a trifle whacked, slightly winded, not stepping out quite as sprightly as we would like to.

As luck would have it it was at that moment of awful self realisation that we looked around at the hotel we found ourselves in, the White Lotus.

Oh Mama !!!  Oh baby boys and girls !! Oh children of the revolution ! Spotlessly clean, endless hot water in a gushing stream, big comfortable bed, fluffy towels, 2 excellent restaurants, newspapers and breakfast included, room service, 7 channels of English language movies and about 1,000 channels of various fabulous Indian stuff.

So, did we lay about doing nothing but reknitting the ravelled sleeve of care by ordering room service and watching TV ?  You bet your sweet bippies we did ! And how ! With knobs on !

Here’s some of the telly that has kept our tiny minds amused.




But this was perhaps our favourite.  It appears to be what can only be described as an extraordinary interpretative dance to the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes.



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