Transcendent massage in The Brothers’ bosom

Palolem is the big sister to Patnam. Think swish beachside bungalows versus humpies, shanties and resorts-in-need-of-repair.


Just a 10 minute stroll from lovely Palolem, Patnam is laid back and far quieter.

Our very charming and sweet American dinner mates (Yes “Uma” & Hubbie) had told us that they were not just devotees, but High Priests of the Massage Cult who loved nothing more than using any spare moment to have their chakras aligned, their metaphysical motors tuned, their karmas recalibrated and  their mortal frames oiled, slapped, palmed, soled, stroked, pressed, fingered, toed, candled, elbowed, smoked, tickled, tinkered with and adjusted.

They had, its safe to say, been well and truly rubbed up and down on every continent under every auspices, in grass huts, igloos, yurts, saunas, teepees (or, perhaps, wigwams), hides, wellness centres, crystal caves, salt cellars, humpies and kipsies of all sorts.

They had, (said they), never had a better massage than that at a joint called The Brothers Ayurveda at the back of Patnam.

So thither we lathered and yeah, verily, Brothers Ayurvedic Massage is the best massage we’ve both ever had.

Away with you Pain! Begone aches and pinches. Avast you niggling arthritis.

Granted you’re oiled and greased like a pampered Sumo about to attend a championship wrestle and the sand aids the whole exfoliation process but the process seems to ease those pesky old knotted joints into submission.

Here is brother Billy post-massage in a state of transcendence. His zen state of unconsciousness free from all pain.


This Kerala family rub you firmly and deeply but never painfully, hot oils and lotions, steaming compresses and Ayurvedic balms.  Sensational.  Unbelievable.  $30 AUD for one hour.  We are deleriously happy in the body, the bones AND the wallet.



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