Uma and Us

We had just finished our spicy Goan fish curry and were sipping a particularly inoffensive post prandial Sula Sauv Blanc when…a statuesque blonde came into the Dropadi restaurant. We attempted nonchalance but it’s not everyday that a sparkling-eyed celebrity sits next to you and starts chatting. For the sake of remaining incognito we respected that she introduced herself with another name, Lalitha, and professed another perhaps more colourful profession.

Sex therapist in Greenwich Village.

Overcome by her beauty, mellowness and her simpatico character Billy confessed that we’d noticed the sun setting in two quite different places over the last two nights. Unflustered and understanding she listened attentively and we realized that Uma must be very good at her other profession.

We are prepared to concede that she may have not been Uma, but if she were not then she will do until Uma arrives.


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