A Preliminary Peek Down South

My darling wife clicked the heels of her ruby red slippers and transported herself back to Oz for a fortnight, leaving me languishing without her.

I had to get out of the country too, in line with some guff about only being allowed to stay in the country for 90 days at a time despite having a one year visa.

So, I betook myself South, to Madgaon, Benaulim,  Bangalore, and Madurai and from there propellor planed across the sea to Colombo and Galle.  Wallowed for awhile in the magnificence of Sri Lanka, a country I hadn’t intended to visit (but which I now adore and am returning to with K).

Of course it was all hopeless without Kristen, no angel there to shine light in dark places, illuminate my dimness with her fizz, spice up my curry with her masala, generally add that glowing gleam her smile and eyes flash.

So, bereft but resolute,  to Madgaon and Bangalore.  Reincarnation explained, masala dosa, a monkey on a bag so big I thought he was riding a space hopper.  He came at me with speed and intent and what appeared to be malice  in his heart so I sacrificed my ThumsUp lemonade to him.






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