Crumpin’ & Pumpin’ Mumbai

Mumbai, it turns out, has a lot of sharp edges.

A city with a lot of grunt, a fair bit of thump, the occasional clunk, and the odd bone headed lunk.  This is the story of one we met out walking down from the Elphinstone towards Crawford Market.


Innocent bystanders looked on, sometimes innocent bysitters too.

We were walking along…I may have mentioned that, down a footpath where some young lads about town appeared to be doing some rudimentary Infilling.


Quite suddenly one chap leapt from his perch and strode towards us.


Just one second he said..


Oh…Hello !


He was no She Goat of Maheshwar but he did his best.

Averting the eyes of the Memsahibs spontaneous crumping demonstrations broke out on the street.








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