Maheshwar: People and…you know…art.

Maheshawar ?  Small town about an hour out of Indore in Madhya Pradesh ?  How was it ?………It-was-A-Ma-Zing !

An(other) incredible fort built by Akbar, this one decorated by the extraordinary Maharani Ahilya, brooding on the banks of the mighty Narmada, ghats like a stone pasture filled with sacred Nandis grazing and gazing at the symbol of their beloved master, Shiva, the Creator and the Destroyer.

The fort and the town are filled with great art, wonderful food and very friendly people.  Somewhat less touristed than other spots, but, really, we have to fan ourselves with our lace hankies and admit, we were totally overcome.

In fact, Maheshwar is up there with our very favourite places in India.  In hushed and shocked tones we even had to confess to each other (almost like confessing a murder) that we thought the statuary and carvings are the best we’ve ever seen…yes…gentle and strangely sophisticated readers…better even than Angkor Wat !

A big call !  But go there and see for yourself or take what you can from these scratchy images we humbly offer up and burn on the altars of your legendary good taste, remarkable insight and sublime discernment.







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