Délices d’Architecture- Udaipur

Gentle breezes across the Lake, Bursts of colorful bougainvillea, rhododendrons, frangipanis, elusive perfumes wafting from each corner, the light twinkling on the water, the classically beautiful lakeside havelis thronging the shoreline. We are discussing life, love, literature with our new-found, eminently entertaining friends Bob and Wendy. We are covertly and nefariously drinking gin from Bill’s bag, our hippie protest at the exorbitant liquor markups. It is naughty and nice.

Zorba’s quote comes to mind: “…to realize of a sudden that in your heart, life has accomplished its final miracle: it has become a fairy tale.”


One thought on “Délices d’Architecture- Udaipur

  1. Wonderful colourful Udaipur! And a place where you gifted me a book. Thank you. I am vicariously continuing to enjoy India through your blog. Another thankyou! Isla


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