Sorrow into Joy

In India, in between the Sun’s rays and the Moon’s beams the physical and the metaphysical tangle and blur,  constantly wavering, shimmering, flickering in and out of focus.

Ganesha, Rama and Sita, Krishna and his Gopis, Shiva and Kali and Hanuman walk the streets and enchantment fills the air.

Even as one plants ones fleshy western posterior, wraps ones thin western lips around a masala chai (and trembles with joy at the ginger, cardamom and sugar hit), and turns ones bloodshot Western eye upon the Hindustan Times or Times of India the enchantment continues.


There are highly proficient, gold medal winning Babas on hand with a spell to dispel all cares.

Should one’s thoughts turn to matrimony then the newspapers have just the ticket.  A one way ride on a pink fluffy cloud to a powder blue house with a white picket fence at the end of honeymoon drive.


A bride or groom for every religion, caste, profession, and/or any imaginable state of being.


But even in this delirium of romance, caveat emptor.


Indian English newspapers have their own idiosyncratic journalese style. It’s quirky, cute, filled with slang and archaic terms. It’s a constant wonder and a delight.

Police/policeman are always cops.
A cricket ball is not caught, it is snaffled.
A turnaround is a topsy-turvy.
Children are always kids
History Sheeter is a hardened recidivist
Scooterist rides a scooter of course!
Some typical HEADLINES:
Ruckus in Fatehpur
Nun’s rape case: Kerala HC seeks probe details
Yoga , meditation to be regular for cops
Sir drove on to save me despite being shot
Delhi and Ghaziabad remained on tenterhooks on Tuesday…
Four bookies held in southeast Delhi
…At the event, public works minister declared Puducherry as ODF (Open Defecation Free)…
In a Jiffy, without the Jitters
With eye on female votes Oz PM scraps “tampon tax”
US Prez mocks abuse “Survivor”
Youth abducted in Uidaipur. Cops Clueless
When cops used jealous neighbors, enemies to nab wanted criminals
Judge’s wife dies. Clueless cops hunt for husband’s spiritual guru.
Friend held for hitting her with stool after tiff.

6 thoughts on “Sorrow into Joy

  1. That fellow who runs the ‘multifarious businesses’ and wants an educated movie star
    bride with ‘homely values’ and high morals, is in for trouble!


  2. My limited experience suggests that vertical height is a major factor for a number of ladies. Something about not wanting to be taller when they’re wearing heels ? I know Ho, I know, deeply mysterious, as always, Lord love them.


  3. India has moved you to poetry and the spiritual.
    …. But the Hindustan Times bring your dear readers right down to earth!
    Hi there intrepid traveller. Caught up with your better half yesterday and K has given us a rundown on all your travels and the blogs I’ve been missing.
    You make my recent travels to Japan sound bland….. but oh so enjoyable!


    1. Lovely to hear from you Eleanor. We would LOVE to hear all about Japan. Perhaps a United magic lantern show upon our return ? K is back tomorrow and we head down to the lovely laid back very dark very short South. The land of swaying palms, strong coffee and magnificent masala dosas.


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