Pushkar Too

Petals are strewn and Chai is poured,

Clueless tourists wander.

Cows scratch, monkeys clawed

Topless pilgrims ponder.




2 thoughts on “Pushkar Too

  1. Hello my darling friends.
    I can hardly absorb how wonderful your travels appear from your marvellous accounts and photographs.
    Wish I had more of a grip and was on the road with you, as we mooted.
    Off to the country this evening, out of e-range (how unusual) however will write and send on my return.
    I have some schemes afoot, yet nothing clear.
    Inspired by the colours of Asia, I love the details that you choose to record.
    Your images have me feeling an ever closer bond with you, it’s lovely.
    The smallest details and subtle combinations, so personal and curiously elevating.
    I really was envious when you posted the Fairhall green images….
    On the road for me.
    A clear warm evening and the skies will be full of cloud sculptures.
    More please.
    Love Maggie

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    1. Our dear sweet girl,
      How we long to rest our eyes on you and luxuriate in your intoxicating company again,
      We’re excited at the thought of scheming and are wide eyed with wonder and gleeful anticipation. Thanks for your lovely words on our scribbles and snaps, were so delighted you like ‘em. b&k xxx


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