The Stick Balancing Yogi of Jaipur Junction

Trigger Warning:  Gentle readers and those many of you who believe, like us, that whenever a fairy sneezes a new baby is born, and that the stars are but God’s daisy chain…be warned….adult content follows.


Specifically, the family snaps of a wandering guru who proudly displayed the photographic (and believe us this chap puts the “graphic” into photographic) evidence of his yogic capabilities, to us as we stood innocently on the platform at Jaipur Station.

Ahh Jaipur, the Pink City of renown, the place where the global literati come to rub against each other.  We liked it. What’s not to like ?  Here is our breakfast nook on the roof of the splendid Pearl Palace Hotel.  A deserted fort as a backdrop and fragrant vermillion frangapanis by our side.

We bid a sad farewell to our glorious room beneath the sea and be took ourselves, (via tuk-tuk) to the station.

The Station had all the usual Indian fabulousness.

We stood admiring it, waiting for the 10:13 to Pushkar when this chap made himself known, put on his hat and decided within himself whether or not we were worthy to be shown the evidence of his yogic abilities.


Having decided in the affirmative he pulled out his photo album and….

but wait….

Now is the moment for the squeamish and delicately raised to absent themselves from the room.

Go on, the rest of us will hum a little tune while you make off.

la, la, la etc.

Are they gone ? Good.

Here he is, in ALL his glory, the front dreadlocked stick balancing yogic guru of Jaipur Junction.


We’re not sure if the front dread will grow legs but from the look of it anything is possible.


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