Delhi – Imperia

Delhi, Capital of Empires, a marble shout out to Mughal splendour and early 20th Century design.  We became quite nostalgic for Canberra as we tuk-tukked through and around the many roundabouts and speared down the bicycle spoke streets fanning out from them.



Speaking of planned cities we visited the earthly remains of one of the greats when we were in Lucknow.  Here he is, with a salute and a raised glass from two former Territorians to another.


Connaught Circuit also brings to mind Bologna and, (we just can’t get away from that other Imperial City) Canberra, with it’s lovely Sydney and Melbourne buildings.

The Hindustan Times this morning suggests that as Connaught Circuit edges towards 90 parts of it are in danger of collapse.


We also learn from the same unimpeachable source that the “Cops” have “nabbed” a “bad mash” who (on reflection and no doubt after several hours in the police cell being beaten with a pillow case full of lentils) decided to “ spill the beans”.


So much more colourful and exciting than the dull and anaemic reportage in our newspapers.

There is far too much to see and do, layers of antiquity peeking out from everywhere, underground markets, backstreets that could be in Paris or New York, and we have foolishly not given Delhi anywhere near enough time in our itinerary.

We pick three sights that are quite close to each other.

Humayan’s Tomb, the Shrine to the Sufi Saint Nizam-ud-din and  the Lodi  Gardens.

Humayan was the first Great Mughal Emperor, the father of Akbar the Great.



The Sufi Shrine was a little disconcerting, with advertisements for cures for black magic and clamorous and importunate beggars.  Still, a very significant Shrine to a no doubt seriously saintly Sufi.

The Lodhi gardens are filled with frolicking couples, peacocks, squirrels and darting butterflies.  Lovely gardens resplendent with massively impressive Mughal tombs.


There were human peacocks preening.



And others just trying to turn an honest rupee.



2 thoughts on “Delhi – Imperia

  1. Delhi is amazing – thank you for bringing the Lodhi et al back int my minds eye! ps Loved the Groovy turban museum, pss more male models plse!!

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