I’d like to be under the sea in an Octopus’s garden….

Reg Mombassa and Timothy Leary decided to get together as interior decorators.  Their masterpiece is our room at The Pearl Palace Jaipur – The (Under)Lake Palace.

Those twinkling lights we missed in Mandawa are on our ceiling. Little round mirrors that sparkle and wink when you look up, surrounded by a border of algaed ferns.
And EVERTHING in the room standing out in 3D splendour.
Down the walls are waving sealife tendrils of gigantic marine plants in proud Rajasthani colours. Shoals in lazy chevrons glide past flowering sea weeds, and above them the twinkling stars.  Being in bed feels like lying on the bottom of the ocean surrounded by marine creatures whilst staring up at the sparkling sky.  Forget about those chocolate-box blues of Monet. A psychedelic dreamscape like no other.
There’s a green pelmet above the entrance with the border repeated and dotted here and there throughout the room stick animals, tiny aquatic versions of animals that maybe elephants, cows, goats, giraffes and lamas?



4 thoughts on “I’d like to be under the sea in an Octopus’s garden….

  1. OMG! You must be sleep deprived and suffering from excruciating headaches! I can’t even imagine being in that room! Hope it’s a short stay.


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