Rajinder Da Dhaba was a little street stall in Delhi that grew in fame and size – deservedly so. It now takes up a whole parking lot filled with happy takeaway (male) patrons and for the more sedate there’s a restaurant. (We had a touch of trouble finding the restaurant – up flights of stairs with no sign and staff in t-shirts labelled #lol in an almost empty restaurant disclaiming to be Rajinder Da Dhaba when asked.)

Amazingly the food still remains delectable. The star dish is their Murgh Afgani (Afghani Chicken) marinated in yoghurt and spices, juicy, tender and finger-lickin’-good.

We had ours with buttery Tandoor Naan and Tandoor roasted veggies.

AB 14, Safdarjung Enclave Market, New Delhi


Delhiwallahs seem to love a bit of retro in their “hipster” restaurants. Imagine the Hard Rock Café marrying Anthony Robbins and throw in a pinch of Khalil Gilbran and you’ll get the idea.

Sodabottleopenerwala is in this style. It’s fun and the faded old photos around the place temper the Disney feel (which is revived somewhat with the toy train that speeds around the restaurant on a picture-rail track).

Some of the staff are hearing-impaired so you get a chance to practice your sign language. (Line your fingers up along your bottom lip and then extend your arm palm upwards for thank you).

The food is DELICIOUS and inventive. Indian with a twist. Parsi to be exact.

We had an Indian pastie – a Vegetable puff, a Vada Pav – spiced mashed potato fritters with fried green chillies, thetcha masala and spicy green chutney and a soft white bun, and Beach Candy Awesome Okra (it was) –thinly sliced crispy okra with a spicy and aromatic tomato sauce.

I tried the Matunga coffee cake – a flourless coffee cake served in a cup – more like a pudding. It was sinfully delicious. Bill had the ‘famous’ ginger biscuits – thin like tuiles with spicy ginger.

Sodabottleopenerwala 73, Khan Market Delhi


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