The Mysterious Pumpkin Bunnies of Benares

Benares is an ancient and aesthetically beautiful place.

One of the many layers of its beauty are the astonishingly beautiful decorative motifs that pose and prance, and glide and preen and stomp and wiggle across their doorways and walls.

Gorgeously caparisoned Elephants, striking military men, brilliant parrots,elegant fish snaffling herons, puzzling gurus, fishes, flowers, plants and peacocks all done in a charmingly naïve style painted by sisters, brothers, aunties – indeed anyone of the household who possesses an artistic inclination..

But then we noticed….these….what appear to be very large bunny rabbits addressing what_could_be_a…pumpkin (?)  raptourously, gleefully and/or appearing to be mesmerised by it.


(Apart from these lovely bunnies who are racing towards a lotus flower.)




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