The Modern Departmental Store (and other wonders): Mathura

Mathura on the Yamuna is one of the seven most sacred cities in all of India.  It was here that Lord Krishna was born, 3,500 years ago.  We had a reverential look around the temple ( no photos unfortunately), travelled through a dark tunnel filled with dioramas and gazed upon the holy place upon which everybody’s favourite blue God was born.

Just down the road from the Temple stands the Modern Departmental Store – a one stop emporium of marvels. Are you looking for VIP or Frenchie underpants to lure the ladies? What about a little psyllium to keep that smile on your face? Embarrassing senior moments? Never fear The MDS stocks adult disposable diapers. Grooming is no problem with a complete range of Krishna combs right next to Mr Chips chips, biscuits, cotton threads – to name just a portion of The MDS’s stock.

Strangely the proud owner of The Modern Department Store is not being killed in the rush…despite having a solution to every problem.

When travelling Bill always chooses Commander Trunks, Jolly Vests and wouldn’t be caught dead without a VIP Frenchie.


If it’s board games, toilet paper or paper plates you want then the Modern Departmental Store is the place for you.


What better thing to drag across your scalp than a Krishna comb ?


They have a very funky clock


And what appears to be a board game based on the life of Krishna


Reluctantly tearing ourselves away from the MD Store we wandered towards the ghats and discovered that If the Krishna comb doesn’t do the trick then the  lads have Charly’s for gussying up.

Bill has found toast Nirvana (the BEST toast on the trip so far) in Mathura at the unlikely (and a little grimy) Radheshayam Bansiwala restaurant.


The star here is the Butter Tost – Tost (or toast if you prefer) fried to crispy perfection with lashings of butter (accompanied by of course the special chai. (Bill never leaves home without a suitcase of vegemite).

Here it is in closeup so you can lick your lips vicariously.

Their Interior Decorator is keeping true to the Neo-Eclectic-Kitschy-Witchy Style so prevelent on our Indian travels so fake windows look out onto Beauty and the Beast.

Some other shots of Mathura


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