Délices d’Architecture- Lucknow

Lucknow deserves to be far more widely known.  She is a magnificent Grande Dame of a City, beautiful and coquettish, enticing and seductive, smiling, gracious, charming and lovely, despite the slings and arrows that Fate has dealt her.

In her Mughal prime Lucknow was the equal of Granada, Esfahan, Constantinople and Hyderabad.  Her buildings and monuments, arts and crafts, culture, cuisine, literary and fine arts were equal to the finest in the world.

The Choti Imambara and Bara Imambara, the Rumi Gate, the Mosques, the Martiniere School, The Residency, the Art Gallery, the clock towers and tanks, even the gthe kebabs and tandoori, masala chai and samosa stalls, Lucknow has it all.  Lucknow also seems to move more slowly and graciously than some other parts of India, it was a pleasure to explore.


2 thoughts on “Délices d’Architecture- Lucknow

  1. Lucknow!! ah yes I remember it well– went to the home of a banker’s son for chai– very modest by Australian standards. Got the invite through looking like ‘Bobbi’- (filmi star) on the train –must have been the Kulu hat!


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