Wats ? Yeah Lots. Butterflies and Babes ? You bet ! Hellfire and Micky Mouse ? But of course. Our last 2 weeks in SE Asia.

Hi faithful reader, we have passed on from gorgeous, idyllic Luang Prabang, sashayed through incredible  Vientiane, paused briefly wondering at it-really-does grow-on-you Bangkok and are now pinching ourselves at actually, really truly  being in one of the centres of the universe, God’s navel, Buddha’s belly button, Kali Central, Kolkata, the most vibrant, exotic and exciting city on the planet.

But whoaaaaa-nelly, let’s back up a-ways.  Even as the ridiculous stories and gasp inducing photographs accumulate in old Calcutta, while charming, generous fascinating people seem to be lining up to meet us, (and that’s just the Bengalis at the bus stop), people with the warmest smiles, the biggest hearts, the most extraordinary backstories…we must, in the interests of sanity, chronology and continuity pause and give you a quick overview of the last week or two before we forget it.

So lie still and let us grab you, oily though you are, with one hand on your ear and the other on your little curly tail and drag you squealing back, Back, BACK through time and space itself to old Laos, (well…to Laos two weeks ago).

We saw Wats that boasted (becomingly of course) simply astonishing Bhuddas

Butterflies that amazed

More rather disturbing scenes of what happens to bad Bhuddists

Gorgeous girls graduating


Kinda cute dead people

Strange and peculiar big head people

Cuties in tuk tuks


Monks reconsidering their vows


And Micky, Micky, Micky.


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