Have You Seen This Civet ?

A much loved Civet has gone missing !  Please check your gardens, your sheds and under your beds.

$100 reward has been offered, that’s a bucket load of Kip !

(860,000 to be precise).

So we searched, not for the money you understand but for the small child crying themselves to sleep at night without their beloved civet.

We asked these chickens and this fish.  No, they hadn’t seen him


We searched under every leaf and behind every flower.


We paused briefly for a strangely refreshing plate of toast.


And admired a Japanese lady contemplating a very large jackfruit,


Right next to what appeared to be a box for French letters ?


This lion and tiger didn’t know, nor did this very young monk.


This monkey went straight to the top and asked Lord Buddha.

But even the omniscient one was stumped.

Please, all of you, go outside, raise your arms horizontally, and make a noise like a civet in heat.




7 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Civet ?

  1. Love your humour, as always! Reminds me of the wild civet cats that occasionally visit my garden and roof at night. I’ll ask them too next time they come round. 😉 BTW the Japanese lady is admiring a jakfruit, not durian.


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