Laotian Loonies

One of the many great delights of being abroad is the exposure it gives you to people that, on reflection, make one feel comparatively balanced and sane.

These are three such encounters.

Firstly some excellent post-prandial advice from the delightful Indian Laotian family (originally from Pondicherry) who run the excellent Nishi restaurant in Luang Prabang.  Don’t say you haven’t been warned.



Secondly, a gorgeously unrestrained and lovely Singaporean lady, seen parading down the street in Vientiane,  wearing an image of our favourite Californian rodent ( no, not Ronnie Reagan) on a t-shirt made in China  (where else) ?


Finally, our personal favourite, a bloke we think might be Lily the Pink’s long lost brother, a happy chappie we met this morning in Luang Prabang.  Snake oil salesman by profession,a purveyor of the finest snake based elixirs 5,000 kip (80c) could buy.


Not only would a single glassful of this magical potion renew your vigour, strengthen your thews and sinews, put lead in your pencil, brighten your day, put a rose in your cheek and generally spruce up your goose but it has the added bonus of turning one’s hair the most attractive shade of hot, fluorescent flamingo pink.


Line ’em up bartender !   Let’s have a hair of the snake that bit this fellow.




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