Délices d’Architecture – Vientiane

Vientiane is ablaze with colour and detail. There’s debate whether its name means City of the Moon or City of Sandalwood. Charming by any definition.

It became the capital in 1563 but was looted and razed to the ground in 1827 by the Siamese so everything is quite new. It shows, and it doesn’t. Everything new is old again. There’s a significant spiritual legacy here (& the number of Wats and baby-monks does nothing to dispel this feeling).

Watermelon stairs


6 thoughts on “Délices d’Architecture – Vientiane

      1. I haven’t been. I planned on traveling through the country in October of this year, but I’ve just accepted a job in the Middle East & will have to postpone that trip until I have enough leave days saved.


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