Pad Thai-riffic

You look out for the long winding queue…

(the restaurants next door have few diners and, inevitably, long faced restauranters who no doubt dream of slipping arsenic into the bubbling vats or releasing rats and cockroaches into the kitchen) but you can’t miss Thipsamai – and as you can see from the photo above very few people do miss it, a factory line of cooks outside, each dancing around a flaming wok, or ladling noodles onto plates, or garnishing those plates with chillis, prawns, omelets and all manner of good things, forming an organic culinary assembly line.

Flames, Sparks, Action.

A plate of limes, beansprouts, garlic chives and some chewy stalks is put on your table. There are pots of pickled chillies, chilli powder, chopped peanuts. The Thipsamai Pad Thai comes looking like a plump omelette. You have to chopstick into it to discover its manifold deliciousness.

We accompanied it with some orange juice. In a bottle. And from our last post you know I like an orange – well Thai orange juice is completely different from Cambodian. It’s sweet and has a tangerine flavour and this freshly-squeezed bottled stuff is so full of pulp they give you a straw with a funny cut out bit at the end so you can eat it.

Thipsamai Pad Thai 313-315 Mahai Chai Rd, Khwaeng Samrah Rat, Khet Phra Nakhon


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