“We’re ready for our close-ups Mr DeMille”

Our first (and evidently last) modelling assignment and photo shoot.  Strangely the offers have not been flooding in.  No word from the Houses of Sasoon, Lagerfeld or KMart.  Vogue, Women’s Day and New Idea have been conspicuous by their silence.

We posed for these shots in Hanoi for a very lovely Couple, (that’s them below, Tu and Hoang), just starting out in the photography business.  For reasons known only to God and themselves they loved the way we looked. The young photographer runs a wedding photography business 50 kms outside of Hanoi and it seems that having elderly westerners poncing about is all the go.  Yes, we know.  Go figure ?


The photographer’s studio is called Tu Paris, he has a Facebook page, which, strangely, has us all over it in a folder entitled “Eternal Love” with captions such as “All you need is Love” and something about Kristen’s hot legs. Hoang” discovered ” us, (Lana Turner style), in a coffee shop.



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