Hanoi’s Hammurabi


Nguyen Duc Chung, Chair of the Hanoi People’s Committee, former Chief of Police and all round legend.  Hanoi’s Hammurabi ?  The Moses of The Mekong ?  Super-Hero ?  Maybe.

Do you remember that scene in The Seven Samurai when Kanbê Shimada, (the leader of the Samurai), goes into a hostage situation and defuses it ?  That’s Nguyen Duc Chung, he did that too, but in real life.

Quite apart from feats of derring-do Nguyen Duc Chung also put together this code of conduct which we feel sure that both Hammurabi and Moses, (were they here), would nod approvingly at.




Take note criminal elements and anti-social deviants (we think that covers most of you).


2 thoughts on “Hanoi’s Hammurabi

  1. Hey Kristen and Billy
    Well I’m back to the top of your blog and won’t miss another post.
    Enjoyed every step of the way with you Babyboomer Travellers, you.
    Thank you for sharing the Nguyen Duc Chung Decision on Promulgating those Public Conduct Rules.
    Was entertaining myself wondering how I would translate some of that?
    Have to check in with Hammurabi and Moses?
    Love that you are on the Path
    Much love,
    Tailer Fish


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