The VERY BIG TRAIN and the teensy-weensy lane.

Once upon a time, in a deep dark cave (right next to a teensy-weensy lane full of love)


there lived a VERY BIG TRAIN.


Now not just once but several times a day, this throbbing, smoking, rattling iron Dragon would hurtle its several hundred thousand tons of flashing steel out of the cave, down the street, over the crossing and come crashing right through the teensy-weensy lane.

It sounded and felt a lot like the end of the world.

Teensy-weensy lane’s windows would rattle, bricks crumble and bones creak when the VERY BIG TRAIN hurtled by.

But teensy-weensy lane didn’t mind.

For teensy-weensy lane loved the people who lived in her.  They chopped ice and diced chickens, they wokked up bunches of fresh herbs and greens for lunch and kept pretty birds in bamboo cages.


They were also charming young entrepreneurs who would sell beautiful, delicate, hand made paper and delicious iced drinks to beetroot red feranghis (BRF’s).



The BRF’s would huff and puff and bustle and wobble about, like little miniature VERY BIG TRAINS themselfs.

They would line up by the side of the track and the VERY BIG TRAIN would come and the BRF’s would gasp and click.

Afterwards even the very old BRF’s would laugh and smile and say ” I have not seen such a sight since was a very small child on my father’s shoulders at the county fair”.


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