Dear Readers,

Pray, let me moan and groan a little, rattle my chain, fix you with a glittering eye and ask.  “Do Ye believe in ghosties” ? (Disclaimer:  We’re Catholics so we have to, one of our Big Three has the word “Ghost” as part of his title).

I had taken some snaps at the delicious  Cong Caphe in Phō Co, Hanoi.  Outrageously devilishly good looking men on scooters hovered outside, Saints and relics loomed nearby.  In hindsight just the very spot for an ectoplasmic occurrence.

Later that very evening as I stood in the dark room under the eerie glow of the ultra violet light, rubber gloves and goggles on, taking the negatives out of the trays of developing fluid and pegging them to the line…this heavenly presence revealed herself.


Faintly she glowed, this angel at my table.  She looked about and took in the scene.  I recall a warm rush sweeping through the assembled throng.


A heavenly smile…and she was gone.




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