Hanoi: The Pause That Refreshes.

Aimlessly wandering  the streets of Hanoi (in our inimitably dislocated fashion), we were slightly taken aback to see a Rickshaw Walla leap from his saddle in the middle of the street like a circus trick rider, (leaving his customer also more than a little flabbergasted).

Padding over to the street corner on which we stood, he reached behind a pile of refuse and tangled wires (some sparking) and pulled out this fine implement which he proceeded to ignite and pull on as if his grandmother’s life depended upon it.




Peddle on you crazy toker !

PS:  finishing off this blog having snuck into the Sofitel, sitting on expensive drinks listening to a French guy called Henry who was the original guitarist in The Police !!!  We LOVE Hanoi !


4 thoughts on “Hanoi: The Pause That Refreshes.

  1. Kristen, from the moment I saw you I knew you were a treasure, and this blog proves it to the world. Bill, I cannot wait to meet you! Hugh says he, too, loved Hanoi and loved eating at the “Green Tangerine”


    1. Hi Karen, yes, we’re having a ball. It’s an easy place to enjoy we’re finding. Thanks for having a look at the blog, it’s late here and we’re getting up early for a Ho Chi Minh marathon so we’ll look forward to reading your blog tomorrow. Kristen & Billy x

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