All we are saying is give pizza chance

A passion for pizza (and a typical male desire to impress his girlfriend), led Tokyo born Japanese expatriate Yosuke Matsuko to open a cheese factory, (after, believe it or not, watching a you tube how to video), and proceed to scour the fields, paddies, groves, furrows, mountains, lakes and deltas of Vietnam to source just the right farmers and produce in order to create the perfect burrata, mozzarella and veggies for his Pizza4Ps (For Peace geddit?) pizza restaurants.


The Japanese Times calls him “The big cheese in the world of pizza” ( Nyuk, Nyuk).

Our new friend the chocolatier recommended this pizza restaurant and as it was just over the road from our beautifully situated ( if a little musty) digs we wended our way there.  How very glad we were !

Pizza4Ps is tastefully designed with excellent wait staff (with excellent haircuts).


This superbly eyebrow arching fellow had a Shintaro knot at the back and poured a very nice glass of beer.


We tried half smoked cheese, seafood spicy tomato sauce and the other half Cha ca. (Our first experience of this famous Hanoian dish (fish marinated in turmeric, cooked with dill, peanuts, garlic and spring onions) had been underwhelming but 4Ps was sensational and restored the faith especially when accompanied by Saigon beer and/or a homemade ginger ale (fresh ginger and brown sugar syrup with soda).

The Half Cha Ca.


The Full Cha Cá.


At the table next to us this appeared.


4Ps’ range includes Duck and Apple Blue Cheese, Teriyaki Chicken, Soy Garlic Beef, Salmon Sashimi, Calamari Seaweed,Salmon Miso Cream, Japanese Ginger Pork, Tandoori Chicken Curry, Shrimp Mayonnaise.


Hanoi hosts a cosmopolitan crowd.  On one side of us we found two very large Pratt and Whitney Aerospace Engineers from Connecticut.  On the other an underground policeman on holiday from Düsseldorf, (complete with face tattoo).  Over the road is the Institute Francais which this weekend is presenting a classical guitar and flamenco dance performance (we’ll be there).


2 thoughts on “All we are saying is give pizza chance

  1. Gosh– heaven! You two will be like Blueberry Veruca Salt in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory- on with the running shoes!


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