Chilli Chocolat

We dislocated hippies love nothing more than to begin the day with scurrilous, ill-advised, disreputable behaviour. This, dear long suffering readers, was one of those deliciously deplorable days.

We were out early one morning and stumbled, (as we do with our best finds), onto the lip smackingly sensational Maison Marou.

Chocolate for breakfast anyone ?

The brainchild of two obsessed chocoholics, Vincent Marou and Sam Maruta, who literally started from scratch – sourcing the cacao, finding the farmers, working out how to make chocolate and with luck, perseverance and a devotion to excellent chocolate creating the temple to chocolate that, following our noses, we oh so fortunately found.

To begin with we were over the moon to find their 65% candied chilli dark chocolate. Most chilli chocolates aren’t really trying and only assault one’s palate limply…but Marou’s…ahhhh Marou’s, delivers the fiery hit that chilli afici√≥nionados crave.


We then discovered their candied ginger (65% dark), salted caramel, cashew nut praline (65% dark), bien tre coconut (58% milk), popped rice (65% dark), one with the fragrance of flowers – each more delicious than the last.



I tried the tea made from cacao skins. It’s fragrance is clean and chocolatey but it really comes into its own when you leave it to brew and drink it lukewarm.

Bill tried the cinnamon-chilli hot chocolate (a triple health food really). It was frothy and deep and flavoursome. To balance out the healthy affect he accompanied it with a salted cashew and chocolate muffin, which crumbled moistly and tasted heavenly.

I went for the light-as-a-cloud coconut mousse-chocolate mousse-ganache slice. A work of art on the plate and the palate.

We floated through the rest of the day on a happy chocolate high.


2 thoughts on “Chilli Chocolat

  1. I am sure that I have seen that chocolate here! I remember the orange & gold Buddhist temple -inspired wrapping … possibly in Wholefoods House. Must try, sounds delish!


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