Fabulous tribal fashions in Faifoo

Hōi An ( formerly known by Westerners as “Faifoo”) has a marvellous display of photographs and clothing of the tribal people of the central plains and the hills and mountains north west of Hanoi, (the most famous of whom are the H’Mong).

We, your dislocated hippies, are not ethnographers and wouldn’t know a tribal person if one hit us with an archaic musical instrument made out of an organic gourd but the display mounted by a Frenchborn locally based photographer of great skill and renown by the name of Rehahn is superb.


So very wonderful is it that we city slickers got itchy feet and felt a sudden yearning to grab a scooter and  madly go where only Réhahn has gone before to be among the colourful but disappearing tribes of the Mountains.

We urge you to look at Rehanh’s site and when you come to Hôi An do visit his stupendous gallery.


Réhahn Croquevielle (literally “crunch the old lady) is like the photographic Dr Schweitzer of Vietnam. He journeyed  up steep inpenetrable paths, over mountains, through waterfalls and streams, falling off his motorbike, surviving non-anaesthetic procedures to document tribes that are disappearing faster than you can say…something really fast.

His gallery juxtaposes his beautiful pictures with mannequins attired in often sensational tribal clothing.  Clothing and decorations bursting with meaning and significance, each fibre, each thread, each bangle speaking to and between the generations.


Precious Heritage Art Gallery Museum 26 Phan Bội Châu, Cẩm Châu, Hội An, Quảng Nam, Vietnam


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