Once upon a time in Phnom Penh …

Dear All,

We are are having fun co-writing these blogeroos for youse.  K is carving out most of the prose, gag writing and lovely Kodak moments while I put in my tuppence worth now and then but mostly sit grumbling and nodding.  We polish each other’s stones (so to speak) and pan through each other’s shallows.

Now and then nuggets appear that need no panning or polishing.  Right now, gentle readers, is one of those moments.  We were wandering past the Embassy Area in Phnom Penh, having perused the Russian Market and sauntered into a State School Book Depository called the PHD (Publishing House Depot).

This fine establishment carried a glittering array of educational comic books.  Starting off with this little number ( which we think should be on the curriculum of every school worldwide).

imageNext came this heartwarming story of a man and his pigs, notice how much the chicks dig a guy who can bring home the bacon (though curiously these suave mustachioed pig-owning Lotharios are few and far between)

imageIt’s not all cute little piggy-wiggles girls and boys, don’t you dare fall asleep while shepherding your goats, because…

imageThis next one appears to be putting a hypothetical poser ?

Is it a trick question ?

imageThe thing that strikes us about this one is that the schoolchildren look really ticked off that they have to go to school while the lucky shoe shine kid skives off.  In ten years he’ll probably own a fleet of tuk-tuks which they’ll be driving for him.

imageNo comment.

imageIt’s a difficult time for young people when puberty strikes, (God knows we’re not looking forward to it). So many decisions for a young girl to make ?  Go with the businessman in the shiny suit or become a Pirate Queen in the South China Sea ? You girls know the answer – we always go for the bad boys…shiny suits be damned!

imageOf course, if, heaven forfend, the dream marriage on the Pirate sampan doesn’t work out it’s important to remember that beautiful things can grow from unpromising circumstances.

imageAccording to some reports Cambodia is having trouble controlling the illicit drug trade.  It’s hard to understand when the borders are being patrolled by officers such as this visibly affected rabbit. Rabbit over the Rainbow (we suspect not all the confiscations get back to the pokey)

imageAnd finally, a little allegory of the cycle of life itself.  Farmer feeds you and before you know it some swine is taking you from the rear, next the kids sponge off you for years, then you battle the kids for access to the food, and finally, in a beautifully logical development, you become the food.



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